I am Thomas Duerig, and I write music as The Purge and this page is the hub where I blog about what’s important to me or what’s new with my music career.  When I run out of things to talk about that are music related, like current projects and what I think about music technology (I think it’s awesome), I’ll talk about topics and themes that are important or personal to me, like politics or human & civil rights, or unfounded economic hunches, or even just the joys of being a kind-of-sort-of parent. I have a B.A. in English so, hopefully, some of you will find what I have to say and how I say it enjoyable. Regardless, it’s exciting to finally have a hub on the internet that will connect all of my music, news, writing, and social media together.

Use this form to reach The Purge about booking, merchandise questions or just to send some love and kind words my way.


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