“It Was Worse Than I Thought” Bandcamp Launch

Without further ado, my new release is available on Bandcamp in its entirety!

The instrumental track “Reality”  is one of the most “GOTH” things I’ve ever written. These songs come from a really confusing and dark time in my life when I was really trying to make sense of reality. I spent a long time letting myself believe that I didn’t have control over my own existence and I let some people into my life that reenforced that with the ideas they put into my head and the ways they played with my self-esteem. 

If you’ve listened to my most recent album, Honesty, you’ve probably sensed a lot of personal growth and change in my lyrics since earlier work. These two songs take me back to a time when I really thought my reality was destined to continue getting worse. 

It’s my hope that those of you who relate can find some solace in the fact that you’re not alone and are inspired to find healthy ways to navigate your pain and grow. To that end (I feel like a broken record about this 😅), I’m donating everything these songs make this year to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you haven’t already, check out my music video for “It Was Worse Than I Thought.”

And before you ask: the narwhals’s name is “Penny.”


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