8 25 2021

Hey, so, without delving too deeply into my own personal life, my summer was much more chaotic than it has been compared to the last two years. I’m bummed out that I didn’t quite meet my own professional music goals this summer, but I’m very excited to have a new album *almost* ready. By *almost* I mean that 9 songs are in the final stage of mix-tweaking and mastering, but I still have to complete artwork and organize the release.

In other words, unless my life becomes absolutely even more insane for me (which I shouldn’t rule out, I suppose), I will have something new ready to release by the end of this year or early next year.

This album has taken me about three years to get this far and is deeply personal to me. To be fair, pretty much all of my music is deeply personal, but this one compresses a lot of my personal growth into one extended listening experience, and, as it relates to my life story, it fills in a few of the gaps that are in my existing discography.

It’s also a step outside of my comfort zone, and it is going to be the beginning of a new project for me outside of The Purge or Nur Black. This is all largely due to the fact that I let myself be influenced by contemporary rap music!

So, yeah, it’s going to sound pretty different!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for when I’m ready to publish and start sharing it. I’m thinking about running a modest Kickstarter campaign to cover most of my publishing costs. What do you think about crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter? Have you supported a musician or band that way before?

Leave a reply and let me know! ❤

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