New Merch: Honesty Compact Disc

Hey everyone! I just made a physical Compact Disc of my most recent album, Honesty, available for purchase on Bandcamp. You can find it here!

DSC_0319 (2).JPG

Honesty is a special dedication to the artist Alethea Leventhal, also known as the music producer and songwriter Ships In The Night. The physical version of this CD has that dedication printed on the inside panel.

If you don’t already know who she is, you should. Her music is patiently calculated and hauntingly ethereal. And her voice? Her voice has a ghostly timelessness to it that feels as though it’s reaching out directly to you, guiding you with wisdom, experience, maybe more than a pinch of sorrow, and, well, honesty. I’ve got an extra spoOooOky remix on her most recent release, and her album Myriologues might change your whole life. Find all that at


Out of the Darkness Walk – Virginia Beach

In August, I got involved with a benefit show to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This October, I’ll be participating in the Out of the Darkness Walk to raise additional fund for the organization.

Please consider contributing the the campaign here, and thank you for the support you’ve given my art and music:

New Music Video: Miss You

I just published a new music video to promote the newest album, Honesty. Honesty and Rain are both strong releases and I’m proud to have released them both within such a short span of each other. Incredible thanks to everyone who has already supported the releases this summer ❤

Check out all the videos and music I released:

New Album, Honesty

I’ve just released another 12-song, full-length, album.

I don’t have a clever meme to go with this release or a flashy music video, and Rain is still very fresh and excellent, but, for my own personal growth, this album represents a milestone, I believe these songs are deeply vulnerable, capable of helping people, and I did not want to wait to release it.

The album is currently available on Bandcamp, but will be rolling out onto other platforms soon.

Rain – Pre-Orders Start Now


Preorder Rain to get early access to the single. The album includes 4 new original songs, a new recording of “Tenacity,” an exclusive remix of “Faith and Trust” from The Russian White, and remixes from Red This Ever, Heretics in the Lab, Gopal Metro, and This Hollow Machine.

Physical copies will be available upon release.

New EP feat. Remixes from Red This Ever and Gopal Metro

Update: The release should be available on Spotify and most other services on May 10 now. Click here to pre-save it on Spotify.

I just published a new release featuring the single “Damaged If I Don’t Broken If I Do,” an extended mix of the song, a remix of the song by Gopal Metro, and another remix by Red This Ever of my song “A Pain That I’m Used To.”

Check it out below! And thank you so much for visiting my page and the support 🖤

New release titled “Hurt You” on Valentine’s Day

I’ll have a new release dropping on Valentine’s Day called “Hurt You.”

Hurt You Album Cover

The first song is what will eventually be the third track on my upcoming album, a very very GOTH cover of “Hurt You” by The Sounds. The song features my friend Samantha Darkly on Vocals.

The second song is an extended mix of my last release, “Is He Alive” that should be interesting for DJs and those of you who just don’t want that slamming drum machine to stop!

You can pre-save the release on Spotify by going here:

The song will also release exclusively on Bandcamp the weekend before it’s released anywhere else.


“A Pain That I’m Used To” Music Video on YouTube

I just published a new music video on YouTube for my song “A Pain That I’m Used To.” The song was featured on my album from last spring, The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds, and holds a very special place in my heart.

While it’s one of the later songs on the album and I released the song “Faith & Trust” as a single before it, it’s actually the first song I really wrote after a very long break from writing any music as The Purge. Recording the studio version of the song is, literally, the way I built calluses back up on my fingers. I was in immense emotional pain after my long-term partner left me for another man and the first romantic experience I had after that fell apart in ways that I wasn’t prepared to expect or deal with yet.

This song helped me come to terms with the fact that I was trying to hold onto patterns of dependency and that I needed to stop seeking easy comfort in another person. I also realized that I had a tendency to try and fix the problems in other peoples’ lives before mine. I was emptying myself in ways that were ultimately destructive to me and not truly benefiting the people I was trying to help; it was a pain that I had become used to and I needed to learn how to live without it.