“Is He Alive” #3 on the Goth charts

*Edit* Over the holiday week the song actually managed to peak at #1 for a few days! Big thanks to everyone who purchased the release and made that happen! ❤

My new song, “Is He Alive,” released on Bandcamp earlier this week. It won’t be available on Spotify or other big distributors until early in January, but so far this thing has very much exceeded my expectations!

The spirit of a 16 year old goth boy who wears Tripp pants and has Robert Smith hair lives inside of me and has never really left, no matter how much I’ve matured, and that 16 year old boy is absolutely blown away to see that “Is He Alive” is actually #3 on the Goth charts at Bandcamp.

The Purge - Top 3 Selling On Goth Charts

Obviously, this couldn’t be possible without all the people who are listening and actually buying the track, so thank you sooooo much for doing that!

If you haven’t yet, you can find it at http://www.thepurgeva.bandcamp.com

You can get the song by itself, but the release also includes a remix of the song by Heretics in the Lab that gives the song a different and brutal urgency.

Again, very much in love with the fact that this has happened and THANK YOU SO MUCH for following me and supporting the music ❤

The Purge - Album Cover - Is He Alive 8-5-2018

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