Nur Black – “Appeal of the Void”

I just launched a Kickstarter campaign late Saturday afternoon to support the debut album from my side-project Nur Black. Click here to go right to it or keep reading if you want to know how I feel like it relates to The Purge.

This album relates to The Purge in a special way because almost all of the music was written and recorded before I began work on The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds.

This has meant that, for me, this Nur Black album feels more like a spiritual prequel to that Purge album even though I’m releasing it five months later. Where, for me anyway, The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds is an album that functioned as a direct attempt to heal and reflect on all the emotional fallout of a very committed long-term relationship falling apart, going back to finish Appeal of the Void has been a lot more like directly confronting the pain I was feeling, but pushed aside, while I was doing everything I knew how in order to keep that relationship together and failing.

There are some larger themes at work, like what it means that we humans have this bizarre death instinct that sometimes pops into our thoughts (which is actually normal, btw, if you’re reading this and nobody has ever told you that before), but what made working on this album so particularly difficult and important for me is how much I really had to confront where my head (and heart) was at between now and roughly two years ago.

Appeal Of The Void Album Back

Of course, that has so much to do with the process of actually writing/mixing it for me, and the music can mean pretty much whatever it needs to mean for you!

Now that it’s done, I’m super excited for my next moves. Those largely involve booking more shows with both projects and writing new material for The Purge ❤

Skip to the roughly 3:50 mark of the Kickstarter video to hear teasers of all 11 tracks from the Nur Black album and see how you feel about them!

I hope you’ll share the news with your friends on social media and irl, and I hope you’ll consider making a contribution to this project.


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