“The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds” Release update

Now that “The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds is out, some really cool things have started to happen! Some of you have already started buying the album digitally or on CD and largely thanks to the support I’ve already started to get, I’ve been able to throw a little money at a limited T-Shirt run and I’ll also have Cassette tapes available in a month or two.

The best place to get these things will always be at shows if you can make it out, but merchandise is also available at http://www.thepurgeva.bandcamp.com so make sure to subscribe there or check back periodically as I come out with more stuff.

Below is a list of dates I’m currently confirmed to be playing live. Hope to see you at one of them!

April 13: Roanoke, VA. At The Front Row. (W/ Type Trauma)

April 17: Charlottesville, VA. At Goth Night. (Album Release Party rescheduled date)

April 22: Norfolk, VA. At Charlie’s American Cafe. (W/ Fad Nauseum, Unmaker, and Gothic Lizard)

May 12: Norfolk, VA. At 37th & Zen. (Live @ The Black Gala event by Aftermath: A Dark Revolution)

May 26: Chesapeake, VA. At Riffhouse Pub. (W/ The Cemetery Boys and Gothic Lizard)

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