Rapture Boy (Life Is Strange….)

One year ago I wrote a song called Rapture Boy. Few people, if any, have actually heard it. For some reason, I was worried about what people might think about it; that people might get the wrong idea, so I released it and then didn’t bother to promote it. I don’t know why I worried about that, as anybody who knows me or has listened to my other music should be able to pick up on that fact that I’m singing as a character, but nonetheless, I was worried and disappointed.


I took a break from writing as The Purge after that because, honestly, life is strange (more on that later). With 2016 approaching and the impetus to do something drastic with our lives starts to fill people’s hearts (carpe diem, yolo, etc.), it’s actually a total coincidence that I find myself practicing guitar again and exiting a serious long-term relationship. I was planning on getting a live The Purge set up and running by the end of January to begin with, and while relearning my old material and dealing with heartbreak, I’ve also made time to write some new stuff…

I’ll be dropping a new single called Life Is Strange in January to celebrate the new year and, yes, for those of you in the know, it is inspired by the video game “Life Is Strange” and dedicated to Chloe!


She looks excited, right!? She’s way cooler than I am…

Aside from that, on Valentine’s day I’ll be releasing an album as a new side project called FMFC that will be titled “Don’t Be a Fvckboy.” I’m pretty hyped about it so mark your calendars!

Keep Calm Generator 19 October 2015 192947

I’m honestly rushing this blog tonight because, uh, Star Wars. So, without further ado, here’s Rapture Boy in all it’s apocalyptic glory!



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