Hear For Yourself What Trump Thinks of The Internet and Free Speech

I know my page has been dead for a while. I’m a somewhat busy guy these days and I wasn’t as proud of my last release as I ought to have been, so I didn’t promote it like I should (It’s out there on Spotify and iTunes, though, if you want to look for it).

But last night, amidst all the noise about Donald Trump and the proposals he’s making, I decided to watch his most recent speech (on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor). What I heard made me scratch my head, feel kind of annoyed, and then I was horrified.

Amidst all the anti-islamic rhetoric getting a ton of attention, I was horrified to hear how, despite all of his anti-PC whining and “Make America Great Again” jingo, he doesn’t actually care about the first amendment.

He proposed, to applause, that the internet should be censored to protect us, and then flippantly dismissed that an argument for freedom of speech saying that anyone who might bring that up as a suggestion are “foolish people.”

I was moved enough to, very quickly, write an industrial song about it. Hear for yourself what Trump thinks of the internet and free speech.


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